Has been published Friday, December 21st, 2018

New Year’s eve is close, a very emotional time to enjoy with our friends and family to celebrate all the good things we had on 2018 and hope for an amazing 2019.

Each country, even each family, has its own traditions for this day; some of us with things we’ve been doing for a long time, and some celebrating the traditional way, parties, group reunions, etc. Celebrations vary a lot, but there are some traditions we can assure you most of us follow every year.


12 lucky grapes

This Spanish tradition is done to receive the new year by eating one grape with each chime. The tradition started with the idea of bringing luck to every month of the year. Have you been able to eat each grape with each chime? It is very funny to see how we all choke trying to get it done.


Including lentils in the menu

This Italian tradition has been seen more often in our city. We do this with the idea of bringing abundance, richness and wealth with the upcoming year. Does it really work? Who knows, but honestly, wouldn’t you try it out?


Wearing red underwear

All of us want next year to be full of love, to find our prince charming, boyfriends, get married, etc. This is why we wear something red.


Midnight kiss

Besides being a tradition it is also a cliche. This idea if kissing someone at midnight to attract love for next year is the most romantic thing. We see it in every Hollywood movie! So you know it, make sure you kiss your loved one.



This tradition comes from regions around Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. The idea of the bonfire is to burn a doll made out of old rags that symbolizes the burning of all the bad things from the ending year.


It doesn’t matter which tradition you decide to follow or not. It will be a great year for all.

Happy New Year!