Has been published Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Maison Belen.

Emilio Castelar 31B, Polanco.

The best spot in Polanco for a good French restaurant with a Mexican touch. The place is very cozy and pet friendly. They specialize in eggs benedict prepared in different ways, but the most popular one is without a doubt the one with chipotle sauce. The bakery is also something special.



Petrarca 258, Polanco.

A local spot of Enrique Olvera, owner of Pujol and Eno´s neighbor. This coffee place of the famous Mexican chef is a relaxed version of his Mexican cousine concept. All the ingredients used are organic and the coffee they serve is one of the best in Polanco. An ideal place to sit, relax, and work.



Oscar Wilde 29, Polanco.

Excellent place for Mexican and international food, ideal for brunch. The dishes are always well prepared and beautifully presented with as much delicacy as the service they provide. A friendly atmosphere in the heart of Polanco, with an exquisite fusion cousine to start the day off.



Emilio Castelar 171, Polanco.

The best salads and sandwiches of Mexico City with a view. What else can you ask for? Don’t forget to ask for a table in the terrace to appreciate Lincoln Park while enjoying a fresh flavored water. This restaurant that started in the Colonia Roma came to Polanco to stay.


Ojo de Agua.

Horacio 528, Polanco.

The traditional and authentic Ciudad de Colima evolved into one of the most visited and trendy places of the area. Ojo de Agua offers the best seasonal fruit, organic products, vegan products, gluten free products, and of course, their best and delicious juices. Their kitchen has gained more and more popularity, and it is totally worth trying. Don’t forget to order Chilaquiles.


Casa Portuguesa.

Emilio Castelar 111, Polanco.

This place is a classic. For starters, they serve Da Silva´s bakery, one of the best of Polanco; on top of that, it is located in front of Lincoln Park. On Sundays they have live music and their Portuguese delights have no comparison. The cod croquettes and sardines are some of the best dishes. For dessert, you must have a “Pastel de Nata”.



Hyatt Regency. Campos Eliseos 204, Polanco.

This newly renovated buffet offers a completely unique brunch, from the most basic, such as eggs and omelets, up to French toasts, a seafood bar, meat cuts and delicatessens, cheese plates, and much more. In addition to the most delicious food, the champagne is unlimited and the artisan dessert selection is scrumptious.