Has been published Thursday, April 12th, 2018

María Bonita (Mariano Escobedo 700)

A restaurant with authentic Mexican food that charms every tourist who visits.

The best part of it is that the place is a tribute to the movies of our famous Mexican actress, María Felix. In addition to that, it has private rooms for business meetings.


LIPP Brasserie (Andrés Bello 29)

A Parisian atmosphere in the heart of Mexico City. The decoration and menu are ideal for lunch or business dinners. Besides, they have a wine club to pamper wine lovers.


Pujol (Tennyson 133)

This place will leave diners amazed. It is the perfect combination between authentic Mexican food and innovation. Ideal for business due to its exclusive atmosphere and elegance.


China Grill (Mariano Escobedo 700)

A restaurant with international Asian food, ideal for business meetings and appointments. This place will never make you look bad; it has a wonderful service and exquisite dishes.


The Palm (Campos Elíseos 218)

Delicious meat cuts followed by excellent drinks in and the perfect environment for business. Their service and discretion makes this place one of our favorites.


Morimoto (Mariano Escobedo 700)

Sushi is always a good idea. This international known restaurant never fails for a business meeting. It is pleasant and features excellent quality in its Japanese food.