Has been published Friday, February 15th, 2019

If you are looking to celebrate this special day, here we have some of the most romantic restaurants we love, and they are only a few minutes away from our suites.



This restaurant is located at Las Alcobas hotel and is truly delicious. The combination of organic and artisanal ingredients in all of their dishes is breath taking. It is a small restaurant and its environment will make you feel very comfortable, especially in such an amazing night.


The Melting Pot

If you love fondues, this restaurant is a must for Valentine´s Day. It is clear that these kind of dishes are ideal to share with our loved ones; especially when dessert arrives and it’s all about dipping strawberries in chocolate.



This “fine cuisine” restaurant is the perfect combination between cozy and romantic. We suggest you book a table for dinner so you can enjoy their modern and traditional dishes in a super romantic and comfortable environment.


Astrid y Gastón

If you are looking for an international experience with Peruvian dishes, you will definitely love this restaurant. It is a private and cozy space for those looking to have a private and pleasant conversation with their couple.


The Comrade

If you are looking for a much more relaxed plan to win your couple, you will love this place. It has an amazing terrace that makes people feel very comfortable and relaxed while enjoying some delicious drinks and dishes.