Has been published Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Enjoy spending time with mom and celebrate Mother´s Day like she deserves, in one of the following restaurants. They are all very close to our suites.



If you like Mediterranean contemporary food, this is the best place to take mom. You will find a wide variety of ingredients with 120 dishes to choose from in the menu. She will love it.


Maximo Bistrot

This restaurant is small and cozy; it is located in La Roma neighborhood and it offers a mix of French dishes cooked with Mexican ingredients. You cannot miss it, but make sure you have a reservation, it is very hard to get a table, especially in these kind of days.


Dulce Patria

The ideal restaurant for those who love Mexican food. You will be able to find every type of traditional dishes from Mexico. It is located in the heart of Polanco, so you can enjoy a walk before or after around Lincoln Park.


La Lorena

This restaurant is located in Monte Libano and it is known for its famous scones. Also, they have a wide and delicious variety of vegan options in their menu. It is most popular for its breakfasts, so if you feel like spending the whole day with mom, it is the right place to start off.



At La Roma neighborhood, you will find the best option to celebrate mom with Italian dishes, in a romantic and elegant environment. Make sure you have a reservation, it is a very popular place and it will probably be packed in this special day.