Has been published Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Children’s Day is almost here, and of course, we want to pamper the little ones with places they will love.

Here are the best places to take them, near our suites:


Hamleys (Ejercito Nacional 769)

An amazing toy store where you can find any classic toy, like wooden trains, up to any modern toy such as drones. Hamleys is originally from England and has more than 255 years of experience in selling toys for children. It has a store with more than 800 square meters. It is paradise for children!


Submarine Lab Blau Life (Lago Zurich 245)

An adventure for the whole family in Plaza Carso where you can board an incredible submarine that will take you under the sea. Learn about sea life, waves, tsunamis and everything related to this amazing ecosystem.


Mockocity (Galileo 38)

This amazing playroom opened six months ago in Mexico City, it has miniature replicas of music instruments, doll houses, theatres, art room, and much more. It is a wonderful place for kids, and parents can enjoy this family time with a delicious cup of Chai coffee.


Bonpoint (Masaryk 426)

The perfect place for nice girls; this boutique is considered one of the most luxurious and exclusive stores of children’s fashion. Designed by Marie-France Cohen, this boutique will take your breath away.


Lincoln Park playground (Emilio Castelar 163)

In the heart of Polanco, you can find an amazing playground. Handrails, swings, slides, and so much more. Everything you need for an amazing afternoon.