Has been published Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Being one of the biggest cities of the world, Mexico City has so much to offer and has neighborhoods for every lifestyle and different kinds of plans.



This neighborhood revived a decade ago and holds some of the most popular and most visited restaurants of the City. It houses the famous Parque México and some of the most amazing buildings of Art Deco in the City. If you are looking for nightlife and to have a great time, this neighborhood is perfect for you.



This is the hipster brother of Condesa neighborhood. “La Roma” is considered the trendiest and coolest area of the City. It is full of art galleries, vintage clothing stores, and everything a Boehme person might desire.



The most famous neighborhood in the south of the City. It is very popular since it is the birth place of Frida Kahlo and it houses one of the most important museums of the painter.

It is a great place to enjoy the relaxed family environment while walking outdoors.



A very quiet neighborhood that is getting stronger day by day. It has been said it will be just like “La Roma”. Restaurants of international cousins have been emerging in this area and nightlife is becoming popular every day.


San Rafael

Located near Mexico’s historic center, it is a neighborhood that is not frequently visited, but it is definitely worth it. You can find many art galleries and Boehme coffee shops, all at a very reasonable price.


San Miguel Chapultepec

It is worth the visit for its famous Chapultepec Park. Located between two of the main avenues of the City: Reforma and Constituyentes. It is a versatile area that fits perfect for those looking for good nightlife or for those who ae looking to enjoy the park with their families.



As beautiful as Coyoacán, but a little less known. It is a residential area that is characterized for its food festivals and an amazing Zócalo to walk around during the weekend.