Has been published Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

When visiting Mexico City, whether if it is a matter of business or pleasure, it is important to stay in a good location in order to enjoy our free time in some the best places the city can offer. Polanco, in addition to being one of the most popular areas, it is surrounded by a great variety of restaurants, nightlife, art expositions, and shopping streets.

Here below we have the most popular streets of Polanco that you must visit during your stay, in order to live a unique experience like a true local.

Masaryk (three streets away from our suites): You can say this avenue is the most popular of Polanco. Besides, not long ago, the sidewalks where extended to promote a pedestrian area. Here you can find a great variety of restaurants, boutiques, coffee places, and galleries that you must visit.

Emilio Castelar (two streets away from our suites): This street is not only famous for its proximity to Lincoln Park, but it is also the favorite place for young people for its food diversity whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and for its wonderful nightlife. If you are looking for a good time, make sure you visit us during the weekend.

Campos Eliseos (one street away from our suites): While walking this beautiful street we automatically get carried away to another place; as opposed to the other streets, Campos Eliseos is one of the quietest streets. Here you will find an amazing selection of restaurants, bars, and small shops that have very special items to offer.

Miguel de Cervantes de Saavedra (seven streets away from our suites): This street has gained its popularity for the famous Soumaya Museum, Jumex Museum and Plaza Carso. In spite of being an area with recent home and commercial construction, its points of interest are clearly an anchor for all of those who visit our beautiful city.

Horacio (four streets away from our suites): The pedestrian sidewalk of this avenue allows people to enjoy the area surrounded by nature and a fresh environment. You can appreciate the daily routine of young people, active people, and clerks, who they all use this avenue as means of transport.

Ejercito Nacional (six streets away from our suites): Unlike the other streets, Ejercito Nacional is not a pedestrian avenue due to its repeated automobile transit.

Nevertheless, in this avenue we can find Antara, an open air shopping center full of fashionable and luxury shops.

One weekend will be enough to enjoy of one of Mexico City´s most popular areas, and everything its avenues have to offer. Starting with a delicious breakfast with a view to Lincoln Park, followed by a long walk through Masaryk Avenue and a savory dinner in Campos Eliseos; Polanco will always have something special and unique to offer.