Has been published Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

We are only a few days away from Easter Week and we can’t think of anything else but being at the beach. Having lunch with our friends? Yes, already considered; bars and nightclubs? Of course. Nobody plans a trip without activities, but do we really know what we will be doing during the day?


The best part of going to the beach is that you don’t really need to plan activities, you can just lay down and relax under the sun. However, when we go with our family or friends, having an activity is always a good idea.


Paddle board

Combine fun and sports with this activity. Paddle board is very popular nowadays; it is all about standing on a board and using a paddle to go around. It also helps strengthen several muscles and having a better balance.


Fly board

Ideal for those who love extreme sports. This activity allows us to elevate ourselves a few meters over water, standing on a platform that helps us make a few jumps or even some sort of tricks.

Experience the sensation of “flying” without having painful falls.



Kayak is one of the most fun and millennial sport you can practice. It allows us to visit hidden spots and reach beaches and islands that have a difficult access. You can do it by yourself or with someone else.



A fun way to dive into the ocean and see its fascinating colors and wildlife. It is very easy to practice and learn; you don’t need previous experience or a certification.


Jet Ski

A classic for several years but we never get tired of it. This water scooter is ideal for those who love speed. You can cover long or short distances, by yourself or with someone else. It is so much fun, but you so have to be careful, because if you go too fast, you might hurt yourself on a fall.