Has been published Friday, January 4th, 2019

We start 2019 with lots of energy and with desire to exploit our culture. Here we have five art exhibitions you can’t miss.


MXCD03. México Ciudad Diseño (Futuro).

Can you imagine how CDMX will be in 25 years? how will architecture change? will we use the same tools and clothing? This exhibition seeks to solve this and many more doubts with design. This project represents more than 150 years of history in one place.

You can’t miss it!

Where? Galería Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura.


La traza del 68. Una poética.

This exhibition will transport you to 1968, a year where different artistic, social and political movements changed our perspective of reality. This exhibition will be presented in an interactive way; it includes graphic installation, design and a documentary section.

You will love it!

Where? Museo de la Ciudad de México.


Colección abierta: Lo mejor del Museo de Arte Moderno.

MAM is celebrating its 54 years and is opening its doors through Colección Abierto; a project with a wide selection of art that highlights the evolution and development of art in the 20th Century.

Where? Museo de Arte Moderno.


Gráfica del 68, imágenes rotundas.

Commemorating the student movement of 1968, MUAC presents an exhibition that shows the propaganda used by the students at that time.

Its moving and so much worth it.

Where? MUAC, Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo.



Artist Adelia Sayeg will present an exhibition with more than 600 pieces made with natural materials; it is a tribute and offering to women.

You can’t miss it!

Where? Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli.