Has been published Thursday, June 20th, 2019

We know that traveling for business may be a bit tedious and stressful, so here are some tips for an efficient business trip, where you can make the most out of your time:


  • Avoid late departures to prevent setbacks or flight cancelations. Some people that fly at night tend to be late for business meetings due to airport issues or traffic.


  • Some travelers miss their flights due to long baggage drop and security lines. Try to travel light and only pack essentials. Plan your daily outfits, choose clothes you can mix and match so you don’t pack too much, and try to travel with only your carry-on. This way you won’t be wasting time at baggage drop and pick up.


  • Reserve your flight and hotel with a credit card, enroll in their loyalty programs to earn points and benefits.


  • Always confirm your travel reservations beforehand to make sure there are no changes. Save time by checking online and printing your boarding pass. Have all your travel documents packed and ready.


  • In case you have to check your baggage, be sure to mark your luggage to locate it faster and avoid someone else taking it by mistake.


  • Make sure you fully charge your phone and make the most out of your waiting time by checking your emails and doing some work. You can also travel with a book and headphones to help pass the time during the flight.


  • In a business trip you need a place to rest where you feel like home. It is important for this place to have Wi-Fi in the rooms, common areas and conference room. Stay at a hotel near to where you’re going to be working to avoid traffic.