Has been published Thursday, January 18th, 2018


  1. Polyforum Siqueiros

One of the few theatres in the world that preserves its Greek-style circular shape. Built and decorated by David Alfaro Siqueiros in 1960, it has one of the biggest murals called “La marcha de la humanidad”.


  1. Bellas Artes

The Palace of Fine Arts is located in the historic center of Mexico City and houses one of the most amazing theaters of the country. You could say it is the house of the ultimate artistic expression in Mexico. It was declared an historic artistic monument in 1987 by UNESCO.


  1. Metropolitan Theatre

Located in the downtown area, it is commonly used for theatre performances, concerts and dance recitals. Each year it hosts the International Jazz Festival in Mexico City and in several occasions the MUTEK Festival.


  1. Centro Cultural del Bosque

Located in Chapultepec, this cultural center is part of the natural complex of public theatres that belongs to the National Institute of Bellas Artes (INBA). It holds several forums for the conduct of theatre plays, dance recitals, and more.


  1. Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris

Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Mexico; it is located in the historic center of Mexico City, in the well-known street of Donceles. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century and the compound is so amazing it is totally worth a visit to any of its events.


  1. Insurgentes Theatre

Located in the neighborhood of San José Insurgentes, it was built by José María Dávila with the idea to create a very large theatre. Today it is one of the theatres with most features in Mexico City.