Has been published Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Paseo Arcos Bosques

Located in one of the most famous skyscrapers of the city, this shopping center is one of the most exclusives. You will find Swarovski, Dupuis, Steve Madden, and Zingara among others; all of the stores with double-height, marble floor, and large windows. On top of that, you have many exclusive restaurants to choose from and a luxury movie theatre.



Without a doubt it is one of the most exclusive shopping centers of the city. This is an open air place that charms tourists and locals with its endless glamour, reflected in every corner of the shopping center. You can find from jewelry boutiques up to tech stores, fast food, make-up stores, and sports stores.


Santa Fe shopping center

It is one of the biggest shopping centers in Latin America and it is located in Mexico City. The variety of stores, entertainment, and restaurants is endless. There is an ice skating rink, movie theater, supermarket, and of course, prestigious brands. It is the ideal place to shelter during rainy days.


Reforma 222

Located in a building designed by Rufino Tamayo and built by the famous architect Teodoro Gonzáles de León. The shopping center is a four story building with stores for every budget. It has a movie theatre and several restaurants for everyone’s convenience.



In the south of the city you can find this classic shopping center. It is characterized for always having seasonal decorations. You can find every store and boutique you can imagine and some of the best Japanese and Italian restaurants of the city.