Has been published Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Green Yoga (Alfonso Reyes 23)

This studio has a wide variety of classes for all levels. Its mission is to bring yoga to all masses; that is why they offer sessions on levels, which allows beginners and advanced students to enjoy the class. They have many locations within the city, however the main one is located in La Condesa, where you can practice Ashtanga and Air yoga.


Centro Kiai (Lamartine 603)

This place gathers the pacific vibe of yoga with martial arts. However, the class that is worth attending is the 75-minute Antigravity yoga. They only take 13 students per session, which grants them all to have the attention they require during class.


AgoraLucis (Lafontaine 78)

This studio was named as one of the best studios in the world by Travel + Leisure. Not only you can visit the studio to practice yoga, but you can also enjoy your day by visiting the spa and gym. Besides, they also offer Capoeira, Tai Chi and more classes. Without a doubt, this studio was made for ambitious people.


Power Flow Yoga (Uruapan 17)

This “optional donation” studio is located in La Roma and it is equipped for all its students.

The 90-minute classes they offer are perfect for each level; from beginners to very advanced students. You will not find a better atmosphere in the city.


Blanco Yoga (Milán 44)

Achieve inner peace within this studios´ white walls. This place offers Dharma, Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. On top of that, they offer amazing programs for prenatal yoga, post-partum yoga, and mom and baby classes.


02 Yoga (Anatole France 139)

This yoga studio is originally from Boston and has many locations in Mexico City. It is ideal for Vinyasa yoga lovers, since it specializes in dynamism and challenges this type of yoga offers. Don’t forget to ask for a delicious juice after class to fuel up.


Jellyfish Yoga Center (Colima 256)

If you are into Bikram yoga, this is the right studio for you.

Enjoy your 90-minute practice in a 42 ºC temperature. Don’t forget to take a towel to class and everything you might need to take a cold shower afterwards.