Has been published Thursday, August 9th, 2018

We are only a few days away from Mexico´s City Marathon. If you are looking to stay fit and prepare yourself for the big day, we have some nice routes you can do during your stay.

If you are looking for a simple and relaxed route, you can definitely train around Lincoln Park. Starting from our suites, going around the park, and coming back, you will have a 1.8 km route. No need to go far if you want to get the job done. You can always increase kilometers by doing more rounds.

Corriendo alrededor de Polanco

If 1.8 km is a piece of cake and you are looking for something a little more challenging, but around the area, you can always try starting from our suites, running through Campos Elíseos. Once you reach the Embassy of Australia, you can go to Avenida Masaryk and enjoy the beautiful avenue that will take you back to the suites. This is a 3.6 km route.

Corriendo alrededor de Polanco

You can also do a 5 km route and cover a little more of Polanquito. Starting from our suites towards Avenida Masaryk, you can continue to Avenida Homero; turn right and continue running until you reach Best Buy. Turn right again and run towards Campos Eliseos until you reach Ruben Dario; once there you can star running back towards the suites.

Corriendo alrededor de Polanco

These are only a few suggested routes, but you can always create your own and go around your favorite area in Polanco. You can even go to Chapultepec’s Castle and enjoy it´s amazing views and its wooded area. Whatever you decide to do will help you prepare for the upcoming Marathon or stay fit if that is what you are looking for.