Has been published Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

August is usually a tough month; back from the summer, back to work, back to our routine. However, we know food is the one thing that makes most people happy; that is why we curated a list of the top 10 restaurants near our suites, so you can visit, enjoy a wonderful meal, and forget about everything else.


Dulce Patria

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Mexico City; The chef, Martha Ortiz, prepares every dish inspired by an essential part of Mexican traditions. Located only a few blocks away from our suites; you can enjoy your favorite Mexican dish within an ethnic decoration.


Tori Tori

Even though there are other branches, the one located in Temístocles street is our favorite. Delicious Japanese food, a beautiful architecture, tasty drinks and a fun environment.

It is a must visit for those who are looking for an original gastronomic experience.



If you are looking for an authentic French experience within a European feel environment, Ivoire is the place to go to. Delicious food and drinks make the perfect combo for lunch or dinner. Can’t miss their delicious shrimps in curry sauce or if you are more into meat, their tasty burger with brie and caramelized onions.



This restaurant from the famous chef Enrique Olvera is a must. Here you will find traditional cuisine recipes turned into original and delicious dishes. It is only a few blocks away from our suites and we assure you, the experience at Pujol will be unforgettable. Don’t forget to make a reservation!



The perfect place to go if you are craving Italian food. You should definitely get a table outside; it is quite nice to enjoy the essence of Polanco accompanied by your favorite glass of wine.

Whatever you decide to order will be great! Try going with friends or family so you can all enjoy a wide variety of dishes and still have some room for their amazing desserts.



Located in one of the most concurred corners of Polanquito, Brassi is the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy of some live music while having lunch or dinner. Their international cuisine will take your breath away!



One of the recent discoveries in Polanco, and located right in front of our suites. If you are visiting from Miami, you will be very familiar with this famous restaurant. If not, you cannot miss the opportunity to try a Japanese-Peruvian fusion at this luxurious restaurant.


Mythos Estiatorio

If you are more into Greek food, than you must visit this amazing restaurant. Whatever you decide to get will definitely be delicious; and if you are looking to try a variety of their dishes, you will be able to do so; only by having some of their appetizers, their chef will make you feel like you are in Greece…



This place serves Mexican contemporary dishes and takes them to the next level. Their chef, Lucy Acuña makes you feel at home with their delicious homemade sauce that you can use practically in every dish. Our favorite dish is the artichoke!


La Barra de Fran

Our favorite place for dinner and drinks. This Spanish Tavern offers the best and most popular Spanish dishes, accompanied with a delicious gin and quite a fun environment. If you are looking for a trendy and different plan, La Barra de Fran won’t let you down.